Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, Gluten Free 680g

Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, Gluten Free 680g

Bob's Red Mill

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Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal contains brown rice, corn, buckwheat, and sorghum. This gluten free cereal is a delightful way to get your energy level up and going and keep it there all day long.

For a single serve, bring 3/4 cup water and a pinch of salt to a boil. Add 1/4 cup dry cereal, reduce heat to very low and let cook to desired consistency, about 7 - 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can prepare it using a microwave. In a large bowl, combine 1/4 cup cereal, a pinch of salt and 3/4 cup water. Cover and microwave on high for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring often. Let sit for 2 minutes.

You can add dried fruit and nuts, honey or brown sugar and milk, or try a tasty combination of grated apple, cinnamon and raisins.

Ingredients: whole grain brown rice, corn, sweet white sorghum, buckwheat

**Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts and soy**

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