Pure Vanilla Extract Double Fold 3.79 litres

Pure Vanilla Extract Double Fold 3.79 litres

Singing Dog Vanilla

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Singing Dog Vanilla’s highest quality organic vanilla beans are grown by Fair Trade Plus+ family farmers in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The unique aging process creates a smooth and mellow vanilla extract with a rich aroma. Singing Dog Vanilla Pure Vanilla Extracts are sugar-free, gluten-free and contain no fructose.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol (35%), Organic Vanilla Bean Extractives

What is the difference between Single Fold and Double Fold?

The FDA regulates what constitutes strength, or fold. Single fold means that 13.4 oz of vanilla pods are extracted into one gallon of alcohol. Only vanilla extracted in 35% alcohol is considered pure by the FDA. Double fold, triple fold, etc. refers to extracts which use more vanilla pods. These stronger folds are generally used only by commercial food producers. All home recipes are designed for single fold and most bakers and chefs use single fold.

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